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SVS II Deluxe Valve Refacer

Precision, Performance and Profits... The results you can expect from KWIK-WAY's continuing efforts to bring you the very best valve refacer available. The Deluxe control panel places important features at your fingertips - valve counter, chuck speed control, separate switch positions for spindle and chuck motors, valve speed chart, and machine maintenance chart.
Backed by our exclusive 3 year limited warranty.

  • KWIK-WAY's precision 6-ball chuck for fast, accurate centering of your valves - no collets to change
  • Standard 4mm to 14.3mm chuck capacity
  • Variable speed chuck to match the proper speed needed to grind today's variety of valve materials
  • Rocker arm grinding attachment included
  • .0005 accuracy for standard chuck
  • .0002 accuracy for high-performance chuck - The Industry's Best
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6-ball chuck
6-Ball Chuck

The Most Accurate

Automotive Valves

4.0mm to 14.3mm

tortoise and hare
Variable Speed Chuck

Proper speed to grind today's variety of valve materials.

Banjo Player
Rocker Arm

Grinding Attachment Included

Coffee Cup
.0005 Accuracy


.0002 Accuracy



Valve Refacer Design since 1920

Embossed Paper
Winning Design

The proven design most preferred by Racing Teams around the world!

Our Awesome Valve Refacer.

The Kwik-Way "Centerline System" is the only way to correct and align valve faces to that portion of the valve stem operating in the guide. Unless a valve is scientifically aligned, the valve face will be ground eccentric to its true center. A new valve is true and mechanically accurate in all it's proportions. The valve face and stem are concentric with the same centerline.

Warping occurs only in that part of the valve that is subject to extreme heat - the portion above the guide and in the valve head. To correct a warped valve so it will function properly when replaced in the engine, the valve face must be restored to concentricity with the portion of the stem that operates in the guide. The "Centerline System" assures this alignment and accuracy.


Six-ball alignment for perfect grinding: Every Kwik-Way chuck features two sets of balls - 3 balls to a set - which grip the valve stem on that part which travels in the valve guide.


This exclusive six-ball, compound compensating, self-centering chuck automatically aligns the valve, refacing it concentric with the original centerline of the valve system


Every Kwik-Way SVS II is equipped with this air-activated, self-aligning six-ball chuck that is accurate to within .0002" with the High Performance Chuck (.0005" with standard chuck)

Size Range.

Supports Valve Stem Sizes: 4.0mm to 14.3 mm - up to 21mm (11.11mm to 20.6mm) with optional chuck assembly: 012-1025-21. Other Valve Grinding Machines can require up to 9 separate collets to achieve the same range.


Kwik-Way's separate, belt-driven spindle isolates any motor vibration or harmonics to provide a smooth "chatter free" finish. Kwik-Way offers a wide variety of grinding wheels to fit your specific needs from general purpose to specialty applications such as titanium and hard alloy valves.


If you are looking for a valve refacer that could easily be your last, the Kwik-Way valve refacer is your solution. Kwik-Way is so confident this machine is built to last, it comes with a Three Year Warranty.

Who Are We.

We are Irontite Products Inc. We have been designing, manufacturing and distributing diesel tooling, cold crack repair systems and automotive additives since the 1950's. Starting in the diesel engine rebuilding machine shops and spreading to the racing industry and then into automotive rebuilders and to the Jobber market with our additives. We have established a name for excellence. Continuing this tradition we purchased the Kwik-Way Valve Refacer and Van Norman Flywheel Grinder line in 2013. Kwik-Way and Van Norman are both best in class and #1 sellers in the world. Highly engineered products that we manufacture in our facility today to the exact same standards they have always been produced at.

Our Process.

Focus, quality and people. Focus on very precision branded product that we manufacture to the strictest quality standard with great people to create product with accuracy and longevity as the goal. Made in the USA with a strong Midwest work ethic. We genuinely want to provide our customers with equipment and product they can be proud to own and use.

Our Approach.

To be constantly staying abreast of our customers' needs so we can add, adjust and engineer products that make their job easier and more profitable.

Our Goal.

It's simple, delight our customer.

Our Mission.

We provide an excellent environment that creates a great company for our employees, customers and other stakeholders.

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Just ask our customers and they will tell you Irontite goes the extra mile for them. It is all about the people on the Irontite Team. They are dedicated to delighting our customers.


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